Straddling no less than eight languages, Vatche's repertoire is an ongoing ode to the love song without borders.

Since 1983, when his first album was recorded in Los Angeles, Vatche has gone on to become a pop icon of international stature, earning a cross-generational fan base throughout the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. His growing success has come on the strength of two essential factors: a softly modulating, seductive voice; and an astonishing stylistic versatility that makes the artist's aural mosaic of disparate elements and influences seem so effortless.
But perhaps what sets Vatche's work apart from that of other world music interpreters today is the signature sensuality he brings to his sound. Whether built on a Top-40 French hit, an Italian classic, a Greek standard or an Arabic folk tune, a Vatche song is, unmistakably, a Vatche song.

When his first album was released, in 1983, Vatche was the most booked, top selling Armenian singer in California. These achievements would pave the way for his most significant breakthrough yet.

This came in 1986, when Vatche appeared at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, complete with an 11 member band and a dance troupe. Now catapulted into international music stardom, he went on to give a number of sell-out concerts in Atlantic City. Big hall successes such as these secured regular Las Vegas performances to this day.

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